Purchase Level 2 course section – $150


Level 2 instructor status will be given upon completion of all THREE sections of the Level 2 instructor course.

The three sections are: The Intermediate 10 – Rotational Torque Training – Centrifugal Force Training.

Until all three sections are completed, an instructor will gain Level 1 + and Level 1 ++ designation to recognize the completion and satisfactory passing of the sections gained.

Each section costs $150 (or $349 for the full course payable in one payment) and will be an online course designed to assess your skills in performing the exercises, instruction of the exercises, and your integration of the “Checklist” into the exercises.

The course is NOT designed to catch you out in any way, and is instead designed to help you become better at instructing and posturing your clients and athletes.

Prerequisites for the Level 2 instructor course, is simply to be a Level 1 certified The Sling Method Instructor.


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