The Sling Method | LEVEL 1


The Sling Method – Level 1 Running Biomechanics Instructor

The Sling Method Online Instructor Certification – Level 1

approx – 30-40 hours total

This online course is hosted on “Google Classroom” and is designed to give the learner any time & anywhere access on any device, laptop, or P.C. It gives attendees the time to fully understand and learn the material, research, practice and gain experience and honest constructive feedback from the creator of The Sling Method, Paul Howell.

Once all relevant work has been assessed, quiz has been submitted, feedback has been given, and a minimum standard has been reached, the learner will become a Level 1 The Sling Method certified Running Biomechanics Instructor. This may also be accompanied by further improvement direction.

The Level 1 course will give you the tools and ability to deliver the Runners’ Rehab & The Basic 8 exercises, MFR, running drills, and perform a visual gait analysis with their running clients and run club attendees.

Successful course graduates only, will also be eligible to use “The Sling Method Certified Running Biomechanics Instructor Level 1” as an additional title to their work brand.

Successful course graduates will gain entry onto The Sling Method website under the “Certified and Recommended Instructors” page and will get support from The Sling Method Master Instructors.

Course attendees will spend time on their own practicing The Sling Method exercises, learning the checklist, and then submit videos for assessment to gain their certification.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment for The Sling Method Level 1 course is by submission of short 2-3 minute videos of yourself performing, and also instructing the Runners’ Rehab, The Basic 8, the running drills, and MFR. We have made this process as easy as sending an email, by using the upload feature in our Google Classroom.

This will not be exhaustive and is not to catch you out in any way. It is for assessment and feedback purposes and to help you improve as a coach.

We’re not expecting perfection so don’t worry. We want you to get the most from this course and get great results for you and your athletes.

The Sling Method quiz – 30 short answer questions

As a certified The Sling Method Level 1 instructor, you will also be eligible to gain Level 2 and then Level 3 status. This will give many more strings to their bow to help runners and triathletes who will benefit greatly from their instructor knowledge on Rotational Torque Training, Centrifugal Force Training, and The Intermediate 10 programs.

A Level 2 instructor will be able to coach runners and triathletes through The Intermediate 10, Rotational Torque Training, and Centrifugal Force Training modules of The Sling Method.