“Runners’ Rehab & The Basic 8 – 9 Week online video tutorial course”

A 55 page instruction “Training Manual”
+ a 150 page “reference e-book” packed full of everything from myth busting & research to guided video tutorials of all the things to do to make you become the best runner you can be!
(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for “Runners’ Rehab & The Basic 8 – 9 Week online video tutorial course”

  1. Linda Witcombe (verified owner)

    Well written e-book and training manual. Easy to follow video tutorials with great cueing and voiceovers. The combination of learning and doing provides a supportive and gradual process for runners. The course content was excellent and I would highly recommend it.

  2. Stephen Crompton (verified owner)

    Absolutely not impossible to improve every single aspect of your running gait.
    All instructions given are plain and easy to understand. Videos are excellent quality.
    Superb and worth every single penny. 😎

  3. Amaris Millward (verified owner)

    If you feel like $99 is expensive, if you’re anything like me having tried every quick fix for my plantar fasciitis, over three years it actually came to a lot more than that. and i was still injured. I’ve been working the sling method since 2019 and i’m running, injury free, better than ever. More to the point, i’ve come to understand my body, and i’ve become my own best therapist. Yes, it’s out of the box thinking, especially having been used to the fitness industry; but all instructions are very clear and there is no such thing as a stupid question on the support facebook group. It’s transformed me as a runner and i’m very grateful! $99 bargain!!!

  4. Tjasi Artnik Knibbe (verified owner)

    Amazing system that gave me so much hope after my tibia plateau break. I felt so many times hopless and every single time this method softly and mindfully pushed me further into my body awareness. It has some secret magic in it i tell ya;-). Being so available for everyone gives it even more value. Thank you Paul for all of it!Would give you 100****if possible. And this program is not only for runners i belive everyone can benefit from it.

  5. Takako Canan (verified owner)

    This. Is. It! Don’t walk away. Buy this course now, and say goodbye to your sports medicine doctors. The manual teaches you how to correct your bad running habit, and you will learn how running is supposed to be like. No more squats, lunges, or planks!

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