The Sling Method Golf Ebook

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The Sling Method – Golf – What’s inside?

1.   A 45-page Ebook and science-based training manual in one.

2.  7 “increase your swing speed” videos

3.  Train your core to be the core you should have

4.  4 Isometric resistance band exercises

5.  6 Strength building-resistance band exercises

6.  4 Centrifugal Force Training exercises

7.   2 Full body Self MyoFascial Release (MFR) videos

8.  All packed in to a”25 week”program to help you make your body function better, suffer less pain, move better, swing faster, and stress less.

9.  Access to 1-2-1 video support via Skype

3 reviews for The Sling Method Golf Ebook

  1. David Hanson (verified owner)

    More like added 40 yards! I am a 20 year golfer and not a pro at all, but i do like hitting the ball longer now. My golf instructor has been trying to get me to move in ways my body just wont move in. After speaking with Paul and following Sling Method for a while i decided that it was worth the investment. I am not disappointed and neither is my golf instructor and neither is my handicap (which has now gone down by 4). Using the exercises in the course has taught me what i was not able to do and most importantly why it wasn’t able to do it. My golf buddies are now wondering what i’ve changed…question is, shall i tell them?

  2. Dan Baker (verified owner)

    I’m the guy who never reviews things, but here i am reviewing this, so ask my why! Why you ask…ok i’ll tell you, because it is the SH*T…my golf coach has been showing me some things to do to help my rotation (didn’t help much, stretches and yoga) i went online and eventually found the Facebook page and thought it sounded interesting. It’s making such a difference in my swing “consistency” which is huge in golf. I’m hitting straighter and more accurately which is getting me a bit more yards as i am more confident to pull the fairway woods out instead of the irons for safety. 20 mins 5 days a week and golf on the weekends is definitely paying off. I like it, a lot!

  3. Harry Chambers (verified owner)

    6 weeks in and my body feels less stiff and my back and knee pain is significantly less. My golf coach commented on how different my body is moving and i explained that i am not hesitant to hit the ball now as i know i wont be getting the pain after. Totally loving this program, it’s just a question of doing the 10 weeks and you just know it’s going to improve your golf! It’s the first golf gadget i have ever purchased which actually helped my golf as well as other areas of my life! 5* 5-times over!

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