THE SLING METHOD is the perfect runner and triathlete specific strength, power, and core training system.

We focus on movement patterns that the human body is designed to produce in gait to become a Faster, Longer, Stronger athlete.

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The Sling Method | What is the Sling Method

What is The Sling Method?

The Sling Method is a truly amazing, human body specific strength/power training system which uses resistance bands to reproduce movement specific exercises. Exercises that make your muscles work in the way your body was designed to for running gait.

Running is a forwards motion, created by a backwards friction force against the ground. This is just one of the reasons we use resistance bands to create a horizontal force, rather than weights, which give a vertical downward force.

As muscles shorten and contract they produce more force. Resistance bands become tougher as they stretch, which makes them perfect training tools for our body. We can create any resistance we want to create by using resistance bands.

We have dissected the movements and connections of movement and created the perfect training system for runners and triathletes to improve their biomechanics, power, and movement quality to ensure muscles are working in sync rather than against each other.

This means you will become Faster, be able to go Longer, and become Stronger where it matters for human movement. Nothing like this has ever been done before for runners and triathletes, we are pioneering human movement mechanics to make you a better functioning human!